A Home for You,

A Home for Everyone.

Housing is a human right–we can work to make housing dignifying, abundant, and affordable in all of our Tampa neighborhoods.

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Yes To Neighbors

Neighbors live together, work together, and build together–and we believe neighborhoods are meant for neighbors. More housing means more people who are already participating in their communities can actually live in their communities.

Yes To Equity

Housing scarcity perpetuates long-standing economic disparities between our diverse communities. More affordable housing means economic gaps wont define access to critical jobs, networks, and amenities in our city.

Yes To Opportunity

Increasingly expensive housing costs drag on our economic growth. Tampa’s economic competitiveness depends on being an affordable place to live for everyone who is working to build our economy.


What do we do?

YIMBY Tampa is a local chapter, run by your neighbors in Tampa, of YIMBY Action, a national grassroots 501(c)4 non-profit focused on enacting equitable policies that advance housing affordability for all. This means we have three primary missions:


We provide a community for people concerned about lack of housing in their area so they can find others who are concerned and together start making change.​


Our volunteers meet with elected officials and community stakeholders to encourage them to take pro-housing stances on proposed laws. Volunteers show up to speak in favor of more housing at local hearings.


Our volunteers can knock on doors, make phone calls, and get out the vote in order to get pro-housing candidates elected and pro-housing ordinances passed.

What needs to change?

Exclusionary Zoning & Missing Middle

Like many American cities in the 20th century, Tampa was subject to intense redlining and other early zoning practices which were explicitly designed to segregate and disenfranchise communities of color, ensuring they could not thrive in all of our neighborhoods. While the Jim Crow era has passed, many of these zoning regulations which were designed in this era have not. This includes regulations which have made ADUs, bungalow courts, duplexes, quadplexes, small apartments, and other forms of missing middle housing illegal in the majority of our city. By legalizing these forms of housing we can end exclusionary zoning and make housing more equitable and attainable for all.

Fund Affordable Housing

With the supply of housing in our region tens of thousands of units behind demand, market-rate housing may remain expensive for a long time after other key reforms are in place. Identifying and preserving funding sources to support and incentivize subsidized affordable housing developments and CLTs is a critical opportunity to make a difference to individuals and families in desparate need for stable, dignified, affordable housing today. Florida, Hillsborough, and Tampa do not spend enough money on low-income housing, and should be urged to do ever more.

Parking Minimums & Incentives

Tampa's development code requires homeowners and developers to dedicate too much land to parking. Up to a third of the land necessary to build a home may be taken up by parking, regardless of need or access to good transit. Eliminating this restriction can significantly reduce the cost to build a home, and will increase the land available for building housing for humans. Its a proven reform, already adopted in places like Minneapolis, Portland, and Francisco, which will have a clear impact on housing affordability while improving demand for transportation options other than single occupancy vehicles.


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